March’s installment of Local First Lexington’s Coffee Meet-Up series will be held at Beach House – Caribbean Coffee & Tapas. Our topic is Building an Inclusive Workforce.

Our local expert this month is Annette Jett, Executive Director of Build Inclusion. The nonprofit organization’s mission: “to build natural networks and community access for persons with disabilities through the power of education, engagement and employment.”

Annette will also share information about Inclusion Palooza, a festival at MoonDance Amphitheater on April 27. #InclusionPalooza was first hosted in 2018, in an effort to bring people together and celebrate our differences and similarities through the power of music and advocacy. In particular, Inclusion Palooza honors individuals with disabilities and their contributions in our community, in our schools, and in our workplaces in Kentucky.

At the Coffee Meet-up, bring your challenges, your successes and at least one idea that has worked for your business. This is not a class, but colleagues getting together to spur one another on. Bring an idea, a question, or even a real struggle that your business has faced, and let’s work together to solve it!