Networking with some substance! Local First Lexington’s coffee meet-ups are a place for local business owners to not only meet other organizations, but to learn from one another. If you run a non-profit or a restaurant, we all deal with staffing issues, time management problems, and burn out. Everyone can contribute and everyone is welcome.

Each meeting will have a topic, and everyone is expected to bring one idea that has worked for their business. This is not a class, but colleagues getting together to spur one another on. Bring an idea, a question, or even a real struggle that your business has faced, and lets work together to solve it!

If your business is the leading expert in any of the topics we will be discussing this year, we’d love to hear from you. Sponsorship of coffee meet-ups is an affordable way to connect directly with businesses that need your help.  By sponsoring a coffee meet-up your business will have 10 minutes to talk about what you do, signage at the event, social media mentions and more. Email natalie@localfirstlexington.com for more information.

*locations may change as the year progresses*

Date Location Issues
January 13 Broomwagon Social media: What is your social media strategy? Favorite social media tools. One thing that got the most likes in 2016
February 10 A Cup of Commonwealth Hiring part 1: tools you’ve used successfully (online listings, working with UK, etc, etc.)
March 10 High on Art & Coffee Hiring part 2: The process (Phone interviews ahead of time? Favorite questions, reference checks, background check companies you use, etc.)
April 14 Failte Irish Imports Founder Dependence: What is one small thing you’ve done to empower your employees to make it work without you? One small system you put in place to allow for flawless/ stress-free vacations?
May 12 Good Foods Co-Op Access to capital
June 9 Magee’s Bakery Creative & successful partnerships: Business to institution, business to government, business to non-profit, or business to business. What partnerships have shaped and grown your business, and how did you start the conversation.
July 14 Third Street Stuff Building strong employees: Training techniques and programs that have worked for your business.
August 11 A Cup of Commonwealth Burn-out: How do you deal with the day to day stress of running your small business? What one things helps you stay motivated and excited about your organization?
September 8 Broomwagon
October 13 Coffee Times Coffee House
November 3 Good Foods Co-Op Working in your business vs. working on your business: Making time to plan for the future: What planning/ strategy tools do you use to continue to stay ahead of the game and keep your business relevant?
December 8 Third Street Stuff Giving strategies: How has your business leveraged your giving for the most community and reputation impact?