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Blake Eames Design
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Blake Eames Design
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440 Old Vine St.
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(859) 421-4116
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Blake Snyder Eames is a professional artist who has exhibited her work in multiple venues for more than 20 years. Her paintings, design, murals and furniture pieces can be found in homes, businesses and collections across the country. Her style is pop art infused and art deco inspired resulting in vibrant patterns that inspire the senses and soothe the mind’s desire for structure. Well known for her bold, geometric paintings, Eames is also the owner of Blake Eames Design, an independent enterprise specializing in commercial and residential interior design and furniture redesign. Her art and design studio are housed in a refurbished gas station on Old Vine Street in downtown Lexington.
In her art, Eames strives for a graphic perfection, by lining textural dots of paint interwoven with bursts of color that create angles for the eye to follow, generating movement that integrates all levels of the composition. Inter- visible objects, or those that share a direct line of sight with one another, propel the viewer in new directions and draw him/her in more deeply, where the visceral appeal to the eye becomes a mental investigation of process. Eames’s pristine hand fabrication conveys the artistic energy of the pieces, sometimes amplified and sometimes subdued, but always evolving and progressing into it’s final form. Color as subject is also a product of mood and further inspires the viewer to see what can be, to evaluate the environment in a new way, and to delight in the unexpected. Eames is a lifelong resident of Lexington, Kentucky, where she lives with her musician husband, Willie Eames and their two children in a century-old restored house downtown.

Commissioned paintings, murals, furniture rehabbing and up-cycling, and painted objects.
Commercial and Residential Design, color consultation
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