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Local First Lexington was created to ignite an awareness of the value that independent local businesses add to our economy and culture. Our mission is to educate the public of greater Lexington about the positive effects: economic, civic, environmental, and cultural – of patronizing Local Independent Businesses.

Most needs can be met locally.
The Locals need you.

Growing the local economy is like growing a garden. You only get out of it what you put into it.
Want a more friendly biking environment? Support more local bike shops.

Local By Choice.

Everyone knows what “local” means, but why does “local” matter?

  1. Money spent locally stays in the community and recirculates to help that community grow. Spending money locally is like putting money in a civic piggy bank.
  2. Local businesses employ more people as they grow than national chains will employ as they grow.
  3. Local businesses must listen to the needs of their community because they are in direct service to that community.
  4. Local Businesses frequently support social initiatives and seek to improve their communities. They have a vested interest in all of our success.
  5. Small business operations tend to have a smaller environmental impact than national chains.
  6. Local suppliers can often compete with the low prices of major national chains. True.
  7. Exchanging money is often a sign of friendship and support. Grow your friendships with local business owners and operators to expand your network and friend group.
  8. Level the playing field. Big businesses often receive tax breaks and incentives from local governments. Independent businesses do not, and actually end up footing the bill for their Big Box competitors.