Building a stronger community

Local First Lexington is a new non-profit organization that aims to help keep Lexington a unique place with a healthy, stable economy. Our membership is made up of large and small independent businesses from throughout Lexington that are interested in spreading the word about the significant economic and cultural contributions that local businesses make to our community.

On this site you’ll find a directory of member businesses, where you can discover what they do, their products and services, where they’re located, and how to contact them. Unlike some for-profit “shop local” web sites which feature links to national big-box chains, all of the businesses on this site are locally-owned, independently managed, and have made a commitment to building up Lexington.

Local First Lexington’s members are the businesses that appeal to customers who value choice, individuality and quality service. Click on the “Why Buy Local” page to read more about why choosing locally-owned businesses helps our community.